New Demo Reel coming soon!  

Meanwhile this ancient one will have to do!

Also, see season 1 of MTV's "Scream" on which I did all of the Steadicam as well as operate "B" camera.  See one of the best shots I did from that series below.

Fun little "oner" shot I did for a low budget indy a few years back.

This is one of the best shots I did on Scream.  We originally shot it as a oner, but as is often the case in TV, they decided to cut it up a bit.  Still turned out pretty good.

Some fun low angle handheld!

Work Samples and Other Videos

David Explains Steadicam!  ​(Note: this video also includes an interview with Tedd, but mine is actually first. 

When you need a crane shot but there's no room for a crane!

Handheld on the Rickshaw!  ​(Note: I asked if the actress was OK after the cut because she got knocked down!

NBA/Mountain Dew Music Video Commercial with Joey Bada$$.